Wednesday, July 01, 2015

You can choose from 51 genders on Facebook; what does God say?

Fifty one genders listed on Facebook?  Does language have meaning?  Some of you may be old enough to remember when “gay” and “queer” were pejoratives, now they seem to be the preferred terms. But does language matter? Our church (Lutheran) doesn’t discuss the language—or the acts—or the marriage—or the culture. Need to go elsewhere—to the Catholics.  Some insights.  Attorney Charles LiMandri explains why the Catholic Church does not use the terms "gay" and "lesbian" in Magisterial documents.

What the people of California (and many other stats) said in 2008 and how the SCOTUS undid the will of the people.

LiMandri is smeared in every pro-same-sex program/article I’ve seen on the internet. Anyone who stands for traditional, scriptural or historical definition of marriage will now be called homophobic, hater, bigot, etc. So if that is also your opinion of scripture and culture and me, don’t bother to leave your hate comments here.

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