Thursday, March 31, 2016

Book Reviews--no thank you

Everyday I am offered 2-3 books to review and mention on one of my blogs or on Facebook. These are free, and rarely worth keeping or recommending, but occasionally I get something really good, like the very first book by Pope Francis, co-authored with Benedict, or an interesting first novel or a pink NIV Bible for elementary school girls. Today it was another anti-Catholic, anti-religious book about child abuse. Here’s my not surprising response (I usually just send a “Thanks, not this time” reply).
“Sorry, wrong reviewer, Lissy. I realize you’re just doing your job. Everyday I open the paper or see on the local news about a teacher or coach or youth organization leader who has been charged with crimes against children, yet no one blames the public school system, which has far more employees than religious organizations. And at the same time, we ordinary citizens are called “transphobic” if we don’t want sexually intact men wearing make up and dresses in little girls’ restrooms. Crazy world. This sounds like another religious witch hunt, and we know how those end.”
One time I was sent something on race relations that was really intended to worsen them instead of improve them, so I sent a similar note. Surprisingly, the gal wrote back and apologized, told me she felt the same way (she was black), but needed the job and worked out of her home.

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