Saturday, March 12, 2016

Kay's business is struggling to find health insurance for its employees

I suggest we all pay close attention to employers like Kay. She actually owns a business and has to sort through the mess Obama has left us.  Too many of us have worked in academe, or for state government, or large corporations.
 "Annually our business shops the market for health insurance and this year we are looking at 18% (and more!) increases in just premiums. (We have been looking at these kinds of annual increases ever since Obamacare was passed.) Not only do we see higher premiums, the annual out of pocket amounts have gone up. The insurance companies are tweaking their plans wherever they can...this year the proposal from our current health insurance company will take away access to many providers. (In our business, our insurance carrier must have access to providers like Mayo Clinic or Iowa City or hospitals as close Rockford, IL. These and others were taken out. To many of you,  please understand that a person can go most anywhere, but at a premium cost as insurance reimburses at a considerably less amount.)" (personal correspondence)
Yes, the goal of Obamacare is single payer, Democrats like Pelosi admit it, but it won't be like Medicare, it will be Medicaid lite and the cost will be horrific. Remember, Obama destroyed a system that was serving about 85% of the population well, and another 5% probably were self insuring and didn't use insurance or were young and healthy and didn’t want to do the co-pay at work. I never thought employment based health insurance was good (started after WWII as a way to attract employees), but with all the brilliant minds in business and government, nothing between that and jail or fines was available? We already had federal and state insurance for the poor, Medicaid, plus VA for veterans, Medicare for seniors, and S-CHIP for children to age 23, but that wasn't enough for him. The end goal is government control of everything. Some people had better insurance with more benefits than others—Oh, the horror! 

Obama, or his successor if a Democrat, wants the billions of tax write offs that businesses get for providing insurance, and the additional billions in taxes that the rest of us don't pay because it's a non-taxable feature of employment. In Obama’s eyes and his party of socialist/progressives, all those taxes belong in Washington to be redistributed after bureaucrats and lobbyists get their share. 

Not for a minute was this about the poor, dear friends, relatives and trolls, or that could have easily been fixed with a plan for the 10% who didn't qualify for other programs (usually young men without families to support and either couldn't or wouldn't work). 

My blood pressure rises just thinking of the Americans he completely fooled with that lie.

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