Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Lard is good for us--again

When I was growing up, there were always several pounds of lard in the house. Mom cooked everything in it. Plus she was the most fabulous pie baker in the world with the flakiest crusts--all made from lard. But she always read the health articles in the ladies' magazines, and sometime in the 1950s, lard disappeared from our home, and even the grocery stores. I've never purchased it, but it's been coming back in style the last 10 years and is much healthier than the oils that replaced it.




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Paula said...

Idk about lard in particular, and I'm a bit suspicious of this, but in general people have been all wrong in their mania to eliminate every scrap of fat from their diet. WE NEED FAT. The craziness of the 1980s to dump fat and load up on carbs (first I typed crabs, lol) has done a lot of damage. No relatively inactive person needs piles of bread and pasta every day. That's going to put on the pounds. You'll feel much more satisfied with a balance of protein, fat, and carbs, in a smaller portion. That's why a plain apple, or a fat-free yogurt, doesn't sate hunger. You need some fat with that!