Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Too old to cut the mustard

As far as I'm concerned, Trump and Hillary are 70 and Bernie is 75. Yes, I'm rounding up a few months for the men, and 1 year for the woman. This is too old for such a demanding job. It's fine for being a part timer, or retired, or an artist or musician who has a manager, or being CEO of your own business. I just don't want those tired and inactive brain cells making global decisions.

Too old to cut the mustard by Ernest Tubb and Red Foley 1951

I used to could jump just like a deer 
But now you need a new landing gear
I used to could jump a picket fence 
But now you're lucky if you jump an inch

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Anonymous said...

throw all the experience or wisdom away on a twit- how rude