Thursday, March 10, 2016

A new era for apple pie at our house?

Right now I have a frozen Marie Callender Lattice crust apple pie in the oven.  I've got to admit it sure smells yummy.  I've been famous for my pies for years, but no longer bake.  As far as I'm concerned, it's all in the crust.  No crust, no pie.  So we'll see how Marie can do.

Here's what one reviewer wrote.  She's so ecstatic, I suspect a put up.
This Pie, called The Lattice Apple Pie is upon first steaming spoonful; your ticket to paradise lost. Where memories began. Your first smells. My Mom makes a mean Apple Pie! But when Marie Callendar's came around. Even she knew that there was a New Chef in Town! Back to the Pie. The apples used are sweet Fuji apples, with mind you, imported cinnamon and Sugar! My kind of Pie!, But the Pies de Resistance, is: The Crust. They could have just covered it, but they really went all out and LATTICED It! And it takes extra time and effort to do that. Just like Mom and Grandma and Great Grandma all did it! Which to me, hearkens back to an simpler time, listening to the radio tell stories. And the smell wafting up from the freshly baked pie is pure heaven like waking up to Christmas and your first snow and everything cozy and good and wholesome, all wrapped up in Marie Callendar's Wonderful, Lattice Apple Pie. And To Everyone whom is recommended this Pie, Friendship ensues! Love this Pie!
Shirley in San Antonio, TX
At a frozen pie evaluation site, which admitted they didn't care much for frozen pies, I found this:
 Marie, you know how to make a pie. Actually, you know how to make about forty of them, but we only tried the Marie Callenders Lattice Apple Pie ($6.79). Sure, it still had a bit of that jelly-goo apple thing happening, but c'mon, it's a frozen pie. Well-spiced with a nicely browned, crumbly crust, this was everyone's favorite of the six. And those cinnamon specks on the box's photo? Those were no joke. If you hate cinnamon (do people hate cinnamon?) then stay away, but otherwise, this was a plenty satisfying pie. 
It won't be out of the oven for another 30 minutes, then it's supposed to cool for 2 hours, so I'll have to update this after supper.


Paula said...

I love Marie's! I have a coupon for Monday, which is Pi Day (3.14.16), and I may get the apple. Enjoy!

Norma said...

We both agreed. It tasted pretty good for a store bought pie. The crust was even decent (not like mine, of course). This must have been a special because is is around $8 at Marc's and it usually has better prices than Wal-Mart.