Thursday, March 17, 2016

Lies by posters on Face Book

The political lies are all over the place, both from the left and the right, often with misspelled words and bad grammar.  I usually don't answer them, but since Bernie Sanders recently made a huge gaff about who is poor (poverty and crime rate is lower among whites, but actual numbers are higher than blacks since over 60% of the population is white, compared to about 13% for black), I thought I'd answer this one probably from a Bernie supporter (SnarkyPundit), because Hillary just talks about ruining the jobs of coal miners, denying that her server sent classified e-mails,  and that it's her turn to be president because of her lady parts.

I wonder what the poster creator is calling public assistance--apparently not the ER of hospitals which have federal and state money to never turn away anyone, or public schools required by law to hire special teachers and meet federal guidelines, apparently not people--usually men--who are put out of work by wages being slashed for roofers, cooks, gardeners, carpenters, not churches and charitable institutions that provide food and medical care and housing, plus job training many with government grants, not ESL programs that are free but using government grants for personnel. The correct part is YES indeed they do work, send money home, and pay off the criminal coyotes who brought them up from Ecuador or Guatemala dropping them in NYC. And of course, trafficking in persons (either prostitution or labor) isn't welfare, but they are very vulnerable under threat of being exposed. Yes, the creator of this lie needs a bit more research.

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