Thursday, March 24, 2016

Six failures of Obamacare--according to John McCain

Although I thought John McCain was a very weak candidate to go against Obama in 2008--old white military hero of memory against a young handsome black hope and change vision for the future, I'm still getting e-mails from him.  Today I received this--and he's speaking for Arizona, although it's much the same in other states.
  1. HURTING THE ECONOMY: The CBO has projected that Obamacare will result in 2.5 million fewer full-time jobs by 2024 and increase taxes by $1.2 trillion in the next decade. During these tough economic times, [Arizona] Congresswoman Kirkpatrick stands by her vote as her constituents face job losses and higher taxes.
  2. INCREASED DEDUCTIBLES: This year, Arizonans are facing a 21% increase in health care insurance deductibles. Yet, Congresswoman Kirkpatrick has done nothing to reduce these higher costs on Arizona families.
  3. FAILED INSURANCE CO-OPS: The Arizona insurance co-op was removed from the Federal Marketplace resulting in 59,000 Arizonans losing their health insurance. Congresswoman Kirkpatrick continues to stand by Obamacare, proclaiming it as her proudest vote.
  4. FALSE ASSURANCES ABOUT OBAMACARE: Despite her previous assurances, Americans who liked their plans were not able to keep them. Congresswoman Kirkpatrick even contradicted her own support of maintaining existing health insurance policies by voting against the Keep Your Own Health Plan Act.
  5. INCREASED PREMIUMS: After voting to pass Obamacare, Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick announced that the new law would expand protections to consumers. Unfortunately, Arizona families have only seen tremendous increases in their premiums each year with no relief in sight. In fact last year alone, premiums increased by an average of 17.5 percent in Arizona.
  6. FEWER CHOICES: Fewer insurers are offering Obamacare plans on the 2016 exchanges, according to a report from Government Accountability Office and federal and state Obamacare exchange data. Congresswoman Kirkpatrick promised more choice and competition but has stood silently by as the number of plans continues to decrease.

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