Tuesday, March 15, 2016

You're being lied to by Democrats, socialists and progressives

Income inequality hasn't changed at all in the last 20 years--if you look at individuals. What has changed is how we group ourselves into families, households, neighborhoods and schools.

Doctors marry doctors, lawyers marry lawyers, their children go to the same schools and clubs and meet each other and marry. Teens with babies don't get married at all and their children also meet and get together socially. HUGE income inequality in those households which extends to values and work ethic. In fact, two adults working at minimum wage full time are above poverty level and making much more than that teen mom. That teen may be getting generous benefits to raise her children, but it's not boosting her income.
In the bottom quintile there are .97 men for every 100 women, and in the 4th quintile there are 1.05 men for every 100 women. The government can't take enough away from earners who choose to create a home for children with 2 parents and give it to someone not working. That's not socialist; it's just destroying families.

We are an aging population. Income changes in households with older adults too, but for the household, first as two reduced incomes. Then when one spouse dies, depending on how pensions or Social Security are structured, one income disappears. That's not inequality; that's math. Don't believe the lies that we are a greedy, unfair society. Believe instead that we are making choices in lifestyle that have a life time effect. (As for that top .01%, they've done extremely well under Obama, but I'll let a Democrat explain that one.)


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