Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Obama's legacy--Cuba, Russia and Iran--all stronger

Paula Priesse writes: "Barack Obama didn’t feel the need to attend the funerals of Margaret Thatcher, Chris Kyle, Antonin Scalia or Nancy Reagan. Nor (unlike Michael Brown & Freddie Gray) did he send WH representatives to the funerals of police officers senselessly murdered, such as slain NYPD Officers Rafael Ramos & Wenjian Liu. And O didn’t have the time to march in solidarity with other world leaders in Paris after the Charlie Hebdo attack. But somehow he has found the time to play hundreds of rounds of golf, fill out his NCAA brackets for eight straight years and to pose in Cuba for the photo below. Perhaps someday America will once again have a president who believes in freedom. Because we sure as hell don’t have one now!"
Paula Priesse's photo. 

"The truth about Che now has its boots on. He helped free Cubans from the repressive Batista regime, only to enslave them in a totalitarian police state worst than the last. He was Fidel Castro’s chief executioner, a mass-murderer who in theory could have commanded any number of Latin American death squads, from Peru’s Shining Path on the political left to Guatemala’s White Hand on the right." World Affairs, Feb. 7, 2014

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