Tuesday, March 08, 2016

She did it! Took iPads away from her kids, by guest blogger Sarah

In case you were curious how #operationipadelimination was going...
Well, I'm pleased to say we are well over a month iPad free and loving it! The girls are more creative than ever before and getting along better too! Hmm. My house may look like a homes chool but I'm just fine with that. The girls tape EVERYTHING they make to my walls!  I'm noticing they are also watching much less tv (maybe 30 minutes a day) and Wii use is down to just the weekends. I thought they'd want more of other stuff but they don't. And I'm not having to entertain them all day either, moms!  Our quality time together is much richer too. I'm actually starting to like my daughters. LOL!  (If you know me, you'll laugh at that) So if you're like me and on the fence, with a nagging feeling that electronics are taking over your home and the brains of your developing children, give it a try and see how your kids do for a month. Maybe two. Maybe six. I'm not sure I ever want to bring them back out. I sort of like these kids sans technology!! In fact I like them a whole lot better!! And I kinda feel like I'm a better mom too. Who knew?!
By guest blogger Sarah (I've known her since she was 14--now has 4 kids, from teen to toddler)

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