Thursday, March 10, 2016

Todays new words--pericopes and icipits

I knew what the Lectionary is, sections of scripture read in church or privately in a systematic or topical way so that all the Bible is covered in 3 years.  One of the 3 synoptic gospels is featured, and John is interspersed. It is an ecumenical effort, at least for Protestants. It's not unusual for our church, UALC to wander off the path and have a sermon series unrelated to the Lectionary.  However, I was unfamiliar with how the Lectionary is in turn divided.

"Individual readings in the Lectionary are called pericopes, from a Greek word meaning a "section" or "cutting." Because the Mass readings are only portions of a book or chapter, introductory phrases, called incipits, are often added to begin the Lectionary reading, for example, "In those days," "Jesus said to his disciples," etc."  USCCB

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