Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Obama's Cuban Legacy

While our President cavorts with the dictator of Cuba, and the smoke clears and the bodies are counted in Brussels, let us remember that ISIS would be but a failed footnote in history if Obama hadn't turned tail and run from Iraq. He's so anxious for a legacy? He's got one.

 How is it Obama is able to connect the history of the two countries with the slave trade and leaves out 60 years of Communism which devastated the economy and culture of a vibrant island nation and which the U.S. defeated economically? He must have brought thousands into the Trump movement with that speech, unfortunately.

 Have you ever noticed how Obama gets his little digs into American blacks and the civil rights struggle by pointing out his father was from Kenya, who had no slavery in his background (but he was a Communist and atheist)? He let the Cubans know today that his blood lines are above all that, no history of slavery for him. Such a snob.

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