Tuesday, March 08, 2016

For my trolls and Obama supporters

I often hear that Republicans are racists because they don't like Obama. Or Republicans hate the poor.

Well, let's take them at their word if that is their gauge of morality.
  • Is racism worse than killing millions of black babies with the blessings of the Democrat party? More in 4 days of abortion than 80 years of lynching, which was also a Democratic party scheme. 
  • Is racism worse than letting black children flounder in failing public schools because the Democrats in the local and state government are afraid of the teachers union?
  •  Is racism worse than letting many millions of black and brown third world children die of malaria because you caved to environmentalists on DDT? Would you want your children under bed nets?
  •  Is racism worse than the blacks who will be robbed or murdered when you undo the 1993 crime bill and start going soft on black crime because you think the poverty pimps can turn out the vote for you?
And the poor?
  • How ethical and moral is it for you to pretend you care about illegal immigrants, when they are taking jobs from low income Americans? Or overstaying their visas and taking jobs from college graduates in the tech fields? 
  • Or that you say IRCA failed, when you never enforced it either for business or illegals crossing the boarder and now we have 30-40 million counting their children born here.
  •  How ethical is it for you to prop up the all white Mexican government which depends on those ethnic workers to send cash home for the 2nd highest source of income in a very resource rich country? 
  •  And the way you fight good jobs in the fuel industry and take them from coal miners so you can feed on fear about climate should really make you feel morally superior. 
There are worse things than what you've called Republicans.

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