Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Obamacare mandate is a threat to religious rights guaranteed under First Amendement

It's the erosion of your religious rights, also. Big unions were adamantly opposed to ACA until they got their exemptions. But nuns taking care of the elderly poor? A threat to the most powerful government in the world.
"First, given how politicized the Affordable Care Act has become, it’s important to clarify that our case is not a challenge to the act, and winning our case in no way endangers it. We’re merely asking the court to ensure that Health and Human Services adjust...s a regulation it developed that would force us to change our religious health plan and start offering benefits that violate our religious beliefs.
Second, some have mistakenly claimed that we can just sign a piece of paper and receive an exemption. Indeed, Health and Human Services claims it “accommodated” our religious beliefs and offered us an “opt-out.”
I wish that were true. In fact, the government has candidly told the Supreme Court that we “don’t get an exemption” at all. Rather, what Health and Human Services is calling an “opt-out” is really an “opt-in” — a permission slip where we authorize the use of our religious health plan to offer services that violate our beliefs and waive our protections under federal civil rights laws. That’s why they need our signature." http://mobile.nytimes.com/2016/03/19/opinion/obamacaresbirth-control-exemption-still-tramples-on-rights.html?referer&_r=1


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