Monday, March 14, 2016

Mary Poppins--a subtle dig or just a celebrity stopping by for church

When I first heard about a Mary Poppins figure hoisted over the altar in an Omaha cathedral, I thought it must be from an Onion piece, but no, it really happened. And the janitor who cut it down was fired! I'd say he should be applauded and the church administrator fired for poor taste, and selling out his space for a crappy art show. The custodian takes care of his disabled sister on a minimum wage salary, so I hope someone starts a go fund me campaign for him. WWJD? The same thing (he's on record), in my opinion.

I don't even like to see screens for hymns dangling from the ceiling, or home made felt banners covering up expensive architectural detailing.  I'd be furious if my church sold its soul for a Disney character.

What if you stopped in on your lunch hour for a quite time of prayer?
Mark Kenney, 59, who grew up in the parish, had worked at St. Cecilia Cathedral for three years. Around 8 a.m. on Jan. 29, he went to a work shed, picked up a pair of heavy-duty bolt cutters and ascended to a catwalk high above the mostly empty nave, or main sanctuary.
He looked through a peephole, he said, to make sure he wouldn’t hurt any people. And then he cut a steel cable, which sent a suspended, umbrella-carrying, hat-wearing Mary Poppins figure crashing to the floor.

Kenney then went downstairs and removed a cardboard Buddha figure from the Nash Chapel, which also featured costumed mannequins from “The King and I.” He threw the Buddha out one door and proceeded to toss costumed mannequins out two other doors.
He then reported his sin to the priest who had heard the noise.

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