Thursday, January 02, 2014

Thursday Thirteen—a list of wonderful, thoughtful gifts

1.  A terrific dinner for the family at our daughter’s home and many seasonal parties and concerts (see last week’s blog).

2.  Several gift cards to my favorite coffee spot.

3.  A “deco red” outfit of a paisley shirt and vest from Coldwater Creek.

4.  Box of fresh, luscious pears from Harry and David.

5.  A little cat pin with rhinestones and green eyes.

6.  A new watch with real numbers, and a face that lights up. Expansion band, silver and gold color.

7.  A pale turquoise sweater with a giant floral print scarf, and a booklet explaining how to drape and tie it.

8.  Gift card to our Friday night date favorite restaurant.

9.  Subscription to Salvo. (magazine)

10. Subscription to First Things (magazine)

11. Cable knit zip front cardigan from LL Bean (wrong color and size, new choice to be decided since the catalog was tossed out)

12. Cat coffee mugs, pottery, Asian look, one black, one white.

13. Beautiful Finnish glass candle holders.

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Ron. said...

Re #4: Very true. I'd never heard of Harry & David until a delicious gift package arrived from My Beloved Sandra's daughter on New Year's Eve. Yum.

Colleen@Looseleafnotes said...

I need a scarf tying booklet and that Cold Water Creek gift sounds good to me! Cheers!

Sidne said...

Pears one of my favorite fruit in the whole wild world. lol. My sister collect 'cat' items. I purchased a beautiful Siamese for her that looks real and actually moves his head every so often. Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

I love the cat mugs! They are so adorable :)

Here is my Thursday 13 list

CountryDew said...

My brother gave me a box of pears from Harry and David one year; they were divine. I made a scrumptious pear cake out of them.

Mary Quast said...

Great post! Love the Harry & David pears. Yummy