Thursday, November 04, 2021

CRT in the schools, and the Democrats' denial

Democrat talking heads on news TV are denying that CRT is being taught in schools [defending Democrats who lost Tuesday around the nation on school issues], which is ridiculous.

Let me explain. You'll find no courses described as "Critical Race Theory" in the curriculum description in public schools. That's probably the extent of the producers' research, if they've done any. It is a full system to assure that every child learns he is either a victim or an oppressor and skin color is the defining quality. Racism is not "systemic," but teaching about it certainly is from math to English to cooking (if any schools still teach that).
Every university and college has a DIE department (diversity inclusion equity) and it is bloated. If you don't believe me search any university with which you are familiar, and count noses. At Ohio State, these are just a few that fall under that umbrella: 
African and African American Studies
American Indian Studies
American Sign Language
Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator's Office
Asian American Studies
Bias Assessment and Response Team (BART)
Office for Disability Services
Disability Studies
Diversity and Identity Studies Collective at OSU
Council of Graduate Students Diversity Committee
Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity
Latino/a Studies
Multicultural Center
President and Provost's Diversity Lecture and Cultural Arts Series
Sexuality Studies
Undergraduate Student Government Diversity Committee
University Senate Diversity Committee
Office of Military and Veterans Services
The Women's Place
Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies
The Buckeye football and basketball teams are not scrutinized for racial balance and equity.

The Wexner Medical Center at OSU has it's own list. I counted 27 people on its Advisory Council on DIE, and 2 vice chairs. Recent offerings are:
"Approaches to Reducing Racial Disparities in Breast Cancer Mortality: Improved Risk Prediction for Black Women"
"Clinical Trials and Underrepresented Minorities: Mistrust, Misconceptions, Missed Opportunities and Moving Forward to Enhance Diversity"
"Black people from under-resourced neighborhoods are significantly more likely to die within five years of surviving a heart attack than Black people from wealthier neighborhoods and white people of all socioeconomic backgrounds."

And yet, reading through Wexner's own data, there are fewer minority males in medicine today than in 1978! I was in academe then, and I know there were many recruitment and special programs to bring in minorities.
Women are usually included in DIE departments, even if white and wealthy. Over 25 years ago I remember seeing posted in the building where I worked (Sisson Hall, veterinary medicine) a list of over 50 organizations and groups to help college female students! Must have worked for women because now females outnumber males in college--60% to 40%--and single, childless women have been earning higher wages than single, childless men upon graduation for over 15 years.

Each academic department in these schools of "higher learning" also have their own DIE departments and the universities also have departments of DIE that teach courses, usually in the humanities, leading to degrees. There must be jobs out there waiting for them in textbook companies, HR departments of businesses large and small, all levels of k-12 schooling, churches, marketing for TV commercials and magazines, etc. They definitely are NOT learning of the amazing achievements and progress of the past 50 years and the trillions the government has spent in establishing laws and regulations to assure that even the less than .1% trans-woman-disabled black has a good job and a fair deal.

The term POC, People of Color, keeps expanding and is frequently used in place of the term minority, which is why Dublin, Ohio (wealthiest suburb in Columbus area) politicians can claim the schools are 41% POC. Dublin is only 2.3% black, but almost 17% Asian, because so many executive and academic families choose to live there. Ohio's population is 12.3% black and 1.94% Asian. POC has become a marketing tool.
And DIE has become a necessity for every business, school, hospital, church, and club. But it's never enough. It must become an election issue because it is disguised racism and grievance policies for every group defined by color, ethnicity, ability level and sex. Oh, and fat has now joined in. Their word, not mine.

Update: "Defenders of CRT-inspired curricula and training programs often insist that these initiatives are aimed at teaching both the good and the bad in our nation’s history, and that opponents of racialized education are racists and neo-segregationists. In fact, these initiatives seek to advance a deeply divisive ideology of race essentialism, offering a distorted account of American life to promote a set of radical political ideas. That’s why the opposition to CRT has been so widespread and diverse, as evidenced by new data from Manhattan Institute and Echelon Insights. In a survey of 20 of America’s fastest-growing cities, parents oppose critical race theory in the public school curriculum by a massive 42-point margin, and a majority of black and Hispanic parents oppose CRT and support removing contentious “concepts such as white privilege and systemic racism” from the curriculum." Christopher F. Ruffo

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