Sunday, November 07, 2021

Two shoe salesmen

The difference between a Biden presidency and a Trump presidency:

There is a story about two shoe salesmen who were sent to a primitive island to determine business potential. The first salesman wired back, "Coming home immediately. No one here wears shoes." The second man responded, "Send a boatload of shoes immediately. The possibilities for selling shoes here are unlimited."

Trump sees possibilities, not only for our country, but for all who will put shoulder to the wheel, and take advantage of capitalism, competition and merit to lift their country out of poverty. Biden is a defeatist, sees only emptiness and hopelessness (on which he can build his power base through lies and deception.) He's an old style, old failure, socialist using a system pushed by the squad and others in Congress that has failed in Russia, China, and many Latin American countries. Even Nazi Germany was a socialist base.

I think it is Dennis Prager who reminds us that the Left destroys everything it touches. Biden has destroyed our energy independence, energy that could have been sold to countries having shortages, like Europe this winter. Biden has destroyed our supply chain, and is hoping for shortages. This puts a burden on our small businesses, plus the economy of all those countries with which the U.S. trades. 99.9% of all U.S. businesses are small businesses and employ 60.6 million people or 47.1% of the U.S. private workforce. In the US. Biden is working on destroying the morale and independent spirit of essential workers, many who have unions, in transportation, distribution, medicine, education, entertainment/sports through mandates that are not necessary. Many of these same people gave their all and their own health in the early stages of the pandemic, and now they've been tossed aside like a mouse caught in a trap.

Back to the mythical shoe salesmen. The lie the Left would tell you is that these were indigenous people living in paradise and those nasty capitalists came and spoiled it. Not so. Terrible diseases can be transmitted not only from the Left, but physically from what bare feet pick up. Even in the U.S., . .

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