Thursday, November 11, 2021

J.D. Vance campaign for senate

I've heard the anti-JD Vance political ads using his comments about Trump during the 2016 election. Hey, my comments about Trump during the primaries when I supported Cruz were just the same as his. Trump's accomplishments in 4 years turned me around. Also Glenn Beck was a huge critic as was Dennis Prager--before they saw the results. Read about the Walk Away movement--thousands of Democrats are now awake to Marxism, not woke loving it. Or, look at Biden's accomplishments since January 20. He's turned the U.S. into the nation that runs, the nation that gave up energy independence to return to begging OPEC, the nation that has no borders and wants to reward illegal behavior, and the nation of weak citizens who submit to government mandates about children that aren't necessary. What Biden has "accomplished" in 10 months is frightening, and both parties in Congress have enabled it.

 Vance is the author of the best selling Hillbilly Elegy.  Issues - JD Vance for Senate Inc.   From here on out, you'll probably not be able to believe anything you hear about Vance--either because there are probably 5 other candidates who will only talk trash and because of the Left because he's an American success story and they hate that.

"J.D. Vance’s life was rife with drug abuse, childhood trauma, and self-destruction. For example, his mother was a drug addict, his community was falling apart spiritually and financially, and he had a distant relationship with his father. Although his grandparents were a light in his life, they too were abusive, flawed, and broken people.

Despite his upbringing, J.D. broke the cycle of violence and abuse. He joined the military, settled down, grappled with his trauma, and achieved financial success. As with all remarkable individuals, he overcame the hell he was borne into. Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance | The Five Powerful Lessons I Learned ("  This review is overly dramatic--read the book.  He was fortunate to have the love of his grandparents and some good mentors along the way.  The military service was a turn around for him.

Also read my blog about Vance from 2017. Collecting My Thoughts: Family support vs. public policy

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