Tuesday, November 02, 2021

Virginia isn't for lovers this week

I see Associated Press is reporting that the GOP has politicized school board races. HA! During the lockdown, the parents found out how education has become very lopsided, kids are being force fed race based learning in all fields at the expense of real math, science, English and social studies, and merit and achievement are no longer valued. So maybe it's too late to fight fire with fire, but the awake are now fighting the woke.

I heard two views on the Virginia election which has become about education. 1) It will first appear that Youngkin wins, then in the middle of the night, votes for McAuliffe will pour in because Covid-era election rules are still in play. 2) The Democrats won't try that trick again, willing to sacrifice one governor because it will look too suspicious. But it will be tried again.

Did you see that FEMA is providing funeral assistance for families of those who died of the virus? But only those who died early in the pandemic--during the Trump administration. More people have died of the virus under Biden who had a 12 month head start on figuring out what to do and has a cozy relationship with China which started this mess. The policy was amended in late June 2021.

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