Friday, November 06, 2009

What's that smell?

Last night for dinner we had steak, fresh beets, tossed salad, and cranberry cream (low sugar) pie (cooked the fresh cranberries with about a TBSP of orange juice, sprinkled it with Splenda, tossed in some walnuts, mashed it, and added a carton of sugar free Cool-Whip when it had cooled). Then we went to Bible Study (Pastor's Notebook) at church. When we walked in about 8 p.m. I said, "That's odd. It smells like sauerkraut in here. What's that smell?" "Don't smell anything," he said reaching for the TV remote.

This morning I was trying to remember where I'd stashed those little packaged handwipes, and checked under the kitchen sink. WHOA!! I found it. There was a small bag of turnips that had been covered up and forgotten. Amazing how much a rotten turnip smells like rotten cabbage. Are they in the same family?

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