Saturday, February 01, 2014

A short list of acceptable words


“When discussing issues with liberals, it’s practically impossible to know what’s considered racist [or homophobic or sexist] and what isn’t. After all, these are people who see racism in dry asparagus and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Even the words Chicago, golf, crime, chair, Constitution and Founding Fathers are considered racist. Calling Juan Williams by his first name is also racist, as Newt Gingrich found out last year. For some, even God is a gun-toting white racist.” . . .

Who can forget a “chink in the armor,” or “niggardly,” or “handicapped,” or “woman,” or “traditional marriage,”  --all of which are objected to by some victim group. In hip-hop or pop music, however, everything goes—bitch, nigger, slut, nappy headed ho, fag, etc. If Bush is shown in a cartoon with giant ears, it isn’t racist, just political, but for Obama it is racism.  It’s OK to abort a child with an extra chromosome, but not OK to call him mentally retarded—use intellectually challenged.  It’s OK for the government to bully citizens with threats of IRS audits of donor lists, but not OK for school children to tease each other. That only leaves the obese, unborn (it, product of conception, parasite) and the elderly as unprotected classes of words.  A short list, isn’t it?

Swearing, cussing and four letter words describing genitals and bodily functions are OK with the left and right both.

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