Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Messy is my kitchen, not the world

What a glib, inane statement—“The world has always been messy, we just know more now because of social media.” Really? Franklin Roosevelt knew what Hitler was doing to the Jews--he didn't need social media--but he did have anti-war Communist sympathizers in his administration, and USSR and Germany became allies 75 years ago yesterday. I fear it's a similar situation, but now the sympathizers close to the president are Muslims. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/09/02/opinion/frank-bruni-obamas-messy-words.html?

ABC News reports that the Department of Homeland Security can’t find more than 6,000 people living here on student visas — which sounds awfully familiar--haven't we heard this before, like 2001?

If the president by-passed Congress again on "no boots on the ground" he'll probably say they are wearing shoes instead of boots, therefore he didn't lie.

“American Special Forces commandos are on the ground fighting in northern Iraq, according to a published report, just a week after Barack Obama said that wouldn't happen. And with a second brutal beheading in Syria ,the president may soon have to decide how much more military might to deploy.”



Anonymous said...

ad your answer to all this is impeach the President and then what?

Norma said...

Have I ever suggested impeachment? His race protects him, plus then we'd get Biden and who knows who the VP would be! Horrors.