Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Why do unarmed men battle police who are armed?

Maybe because they are already criminals and don’t want to go back to jail, or they are accustomed to taking risks and have escaped in the past?

In Madison: White Officer Matt Kenny shot unarmed (racially ambiguous) Tony R0binson, 19, who was on probation for armed robbery and whose school/police records show ADD, anxiety and depression. The writer for Reuters opined, “Robinson tended to an impulsive risk-taker and faced a choice between a middle-class lifestyle and the gang world.”  Police had been called to investigate reports of an assault and a man dodging cars in traffic.  The suspect was followed into a dwelling where the officer was struck in the head and he then shot the man (called a teen by Reuters).

In Denver: A 37 year old black man, Naeschylus Vinzant, was shot by police in Aurora, Colorado, who were seeking a male who was wanted for kidnapping and robbery and was known to be armed and dangerous.  He was shot while they attempted to take him into custody.  He was on parole and had removed his ankle monitor. Meanwhile, there were many other black men shot by black men/non-police, whose stories didn’t get into the Columbus Dispatch because the shooter was not white.

In Ferguson:  Eric Holder’s Department of Justice has taken over local police control in a town that is predominately black.  Traffic stops and the court system are for mostly blacks and therefore they are racist and profiling.  In my opinion, Holder is pouting because he couldn’t pin anything on the police after Michael Brown’s death and has decided to crush them or break the city budget.


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