Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen--13 Things to do when Microsoft updates in the middle of your blogging, and then reboots your extremely slow computer

1) Stare at the frozen screen in disbelief as your entry disappears.
2) Warm your coffee.
3) Unload the dishwasher.
4) Load the dishwasher.
5) Gather the magazines due at the public library for later.
6) Put away the remote and close the TV cabinet doors in the living room.
7) Write a card and address it for a friend who has been ill.
8) Find a stamp because there are none in your desk.
9) Check the laundry and dryer cycle.
10) Put away the straggler Christmas cards that arrived after you'd put everything away.
11) Throw out the trash that's been accumulating on your desk.
12) Use the restroom.
13) Brush teeth.


Unknown said...

Very successful reboot! LOL

Mitchypoo said...

On a positive note, you were very productive during your reboot! Happy TT!

MamaToo said...

What a funny (and productive) list! I suppose it's a good thing you didn't add my favorite thing: go get a new computer. :) I assume you drank the coffee that you had warmed before doing the dishes?
Thanks for the comment & visit to my TT. Have a great week - hopefully absent of technical difficulties!

Unknown said...

I have email reminders about returning books or other materials back to the library but I need to have the "to do" list in order for me to return them. LOL

I like the list :)

Lori said...

I can sooooooooo relate. Especially, sometimes I really hate computers. Happy TT and thanks for stopping by:)

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

What? You didn't call the Tour Manager and disturb him as he builds routers, just to vent?

Oh, uhhh. Sorry. That's my gig.

You handle things better than I do!

SandyCarlson said...

Been there! Plucking eyebrows or filing nails are two other productive uses of the horrid down time!

Anonymous said...

My usual reaction is to swear and maybe even thump the desk with my fist. It never does any good though!

Darla said...

Argh. Frustrating. At least you were productive!

Amber Gilchrist said...

I've had the same experience before and I just have to sit here in this seat and stare at the screen. Good thing you don't have the same hang up.