Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Are the media happy now? Of course not.

We knew this would happen. First President Trump condemned all racism, bigotry and hatred. Remember, Antifa was attacking the protesters. Now he’s spoken out more clearly, naming names. But the media are on the attack. After my morning walk, I entered the living room to hear ABC this morning and they are covering Charlottesville and the president’s horrible wait of 48 hours. They are saying he’s retweeted comments from racists and then denied they denied it after planting the seed. Then they spend 2 minutes on North Korea and it’s back to Trump and Charlottesville. They say there were two sides in Charlottesville, but they only give one. I don’t think they spent that much time on Ferguson, Baltimore and NYC combined.

President Trump has been condemning David Duke and the KKK for two decades. How often is enough for the media? It will never be enough because it's not an actual criticism, it's part of the attack plan, like a yapping, nipping dog with sharp teeth circling and running.

White supremacists have built their membership the same way the anarchists/leftists/Islamists have--social media and constant publicity of the broadcast and cable news. (The media also gave Trump billions in free publicity during the primaries.) They are fringe of the fringe. But the leftists, from moderate Democrat, to Bernie Babies, to wild eyed Antifa, control the culture, and that's BIG. Remember, even in late 2012 Obama and Clinton were claiming to believe in traditional marriage and separate locker rooms for men and women. Today that is called white nationalism.

Update: I know there are people who sincerely believe President Trump is the worst thing that has ever happened, but after I listened on Tuesday (WJR Detroit) to a woman organizer of the protests against the President, I saw clearly you are being seduced, used and manipulated to help destroy not just Trump---he's a small fish in their big pond--not just the November election--but the nation. I'm not sure she/they have any plans beyond the ash heap; their task is to just bring it all down.

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