Saturday, August 26, 2017

What are the specific charges?

Just like the Russian hacking charges or stealing the election, so we hear the references to Trump being a racist, but nothing specific. Once the DNC and DWS became serious suspects, the whole Russia story faded and the whole statue and flag conspiracy blossomed.  Oh, they didn't like the speed at which he condemned neo-nazis in Charlottesville.  But Obama waited 6 years to condemn terrorism by an Islamist at Ft. Hood.  Why the emphasis on speed--especially since the cell phone videos circulating now show how much of the violence was perpetrated by the alt-Left.

I see the charges and claims on social media and in the Bezo-WaPo/NYT/cable news cabal that Trump is a racist. I haven't seen or heard actual racism or specifics, just the charges.
  •  Is it his slogan, "Make America great again," and you don't know any great black people or communities or leaders so you think he's leaving out people of color?
  • Are you afraid that black citizens will take your job, so you want to frighten them?
  •  Is it the Islamist terrorism warnings, the incidents Obama ignored and called work place violence?
  • How many drone killings without trial has Trump ordered? Obama did that for some Islamists who were American citizens and they were quite frequent in Yemen according to the Guardian before Trump was elected.
  •  Are Mexican gangs afraid they won't get sanctuary in Democrat run cities so they can kill more Mexican immigrants? 
 And besides, exactly what race are Mexicans and Muslims? Mexico is a very wealthy, multicultural country with citizens of many ethnicities who speak a European language, Spanish. In fact, if you turn on Telemundo or Univision, they are much whiter than U.S. cable.  Islam is a religion with several divisions, but it's not a race.

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