Friday, August 25, 2017

Things I know about President Trump. He's not a racist.

  • I know hip hop performers and black comedians regularly use the N-word, but I’ve never heard the President use it.
  • I know white liberals whose only black friends are their janitor, door man or the med tech in their doctor's office, but President Trump has decades of real friendships and working relationships with the black movers and shakers.
  • I know of some neighborhoods where liberals use “green” regulations to raise costs to keep out minorities, but I’ve never heard that a Trump development did that.
  • I know that many government regulations work together, whether by design or accident, to keep minorities poor by destroying families, but President Trump wants wealth for everyone.
  • I know that Planned Parenthood targets black communities with their abortion services, but I’ve never heard of President Trump favoring abortion to reduce the black population.
  • I know that our public school system works against poor minority students, but President Trump wants all children to succeed and have choices like charter schools that the children of rich Congress members and President Obama have.
  • I know that tougher crime laws have reduced violent crime by about 70% since 1993, mostly to the benefit of black citizens, but I’ve never heard President Trump sound like Mayor DiBlasio who seems to be working to undo 2 decades of improved law enforcement in NYC.
  • I know bullying when I see and hear it. The advice is usually one of two methods to counteract it: push back or walk away.  Do you really believe he will walk away from this bullying from the Left?
So why when the President points out that two fringe movements (with the same basic philosophy of hate and anarchy) are a problem in Charlottesville and in the culture, do the media and Democrats rend their clothing and scream racism? Everyone now calling out bigotry and hatred are using them as code words for racism, unless it is from Communist inspired Antifa and BLM.  But Democrats are Johnnie one Note and have no other song.

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