Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Are there alternatives to Cable? Yes.

I’m following a discussion by people who have given up cable, particularly because of the biased MSM but also the expense. Is it any wonder the polls got the election all wrong, because no one is listening to that garbage any more? Here’s a selection of comments.

‘We moved and cut our satellite/cable TV. No more $167 per month for Direct TV. We opted to just use the Roku we already have, using internet we need to have anyway, and add Sling TV for local channels and sports.”

“I listen to talk radio during the day til 4 or 5 pm then I go to ROKU for Glenn Beck for evening entertainment it's NetFlix or occasionally a network show.”

“I actually stopped watching almost everything on Fox too. Just watch the six o'clock news, but I'm not addicted to that anymore either. I'm much more productive and much less stressed out I must say.”

“We started with Sling but moved to Playstation Vue because of Fox News. We also get Redzone for football through Vue for my husband. More streams than Sling too though we don't use that many. Playstations Vue has more local channels too. Don't miss DirectTV though I think my husband misses NFL Sunday Ticket.”

“We don't watch any broadcast or cable news anymore. I use feedly to manage a large set of news sources organized by category and that's my daily source of information. There's far more diversity in my daily news diet than what can be found flipping through channel after channel of airheads and screamers.”

“You like to listen to the news - not necessarily watch? I'd get XM radio. We got an XM Roadie radio and we take it with us when we go on vacation but when at home have it hooked up to Bose. You can listen to Fox News plus all sorts of other goodies. We love Old Time Radio classics. Nothing like listening to The Whistler when out in the remote regions of Maine.... The Whistler knows!”

“YouTube has good news feeds from around the world that I find more varied and sane than the American media right now. BBC has their own set of biases, but is still worthwhile. Billwhittle.com has excellent conservative commentary. I stream all of these on our TV through the Xbox. Any big stories or disasters tend to show up. I also go online, browse headlines to see if there is anything that needs further investigation. Haven't bothered with broadcast news in years and don't miss them except for breaking local stories. We did get a little antenna to pick up channels for when my Mom comes over, and used that for local weather and a local shooting incident.”

“I haven't had cable since I graduated college in '03.  All news comes from the internet. Honestly, I cannot stand tv news at this point. Too much cross talk, less depth, and I can read much faster.”

“Sling offers The Blaze and BBC World News. Sky News UK streams live on YouTube. NewsOn has news shows from hundreds of local stations around the country.”

“During Gulf War I, we were glued to cnn & of course local news stations (I live across the street from the gate at NAS Jacksonville & my husband was stationed at VP-30 at the time). CNN and any national news outlet repeatedly broadcast things I knew to be untrue. I swore off television news forever. When I read the same things in the newspaper, I stopped reading that, too. I have weakened a few times over the years - Election2000 (thank goodness we had FNC by then) when we were in Hawai'i, Katrina coverage, the Summer of the Hurricanes - but basically I simply don't bother with television at all. For several years, talk radio was my line to 'news.' Then that guy from Chicago became prominent, and I had to listen to soundbites from him or #derhillderbeest or any one of the scum in the Swamp, so I went to sports talk radio. Been an avid fan for ten years now. Used to be some espn, but now it's almost all local sports talk or MLB or Dave Ramsey. Now that we're in our house again, we have antenna tv, MLB.tv, PGATOURLIVE, and Sling. Along with Amazon Prime, I have everything I need without the negative ugly crap I used to let ruin my days. It's not for everyone, but I am a much happier woman than I was. I do now occasionally listen to Rush again, especially if Steyn is subbing.”

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