Friday, August 04, 2017

Sprucing up at the Bruces

A new look for the porch. We bought our summer home in Lakeside, Ohio,  in 1988 (actual house with plaster walls, basement and fireplace built in 1944) and had planned to remove the mid-80s, not architecturally appropriate porch. However, over the years we learned how great it was, solar gain in the winter so we could use it off season, and tight enough for AC in the summer. The problem was, it faded and discolored over 30 years and was sort of white, grey and yellow. So Wednesday it was painted to match the trim. The guys did a great job, and had painted the house in the spring. In the fall, the deck will be repainted, because it will require sanding and prep that Lakeside doesn't allow during the season.

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