Friday, August 04, 2017

On August 4, 2017

What could possibly go wrong? Mueller is best friends with Comey; has hired all Hillary supporting lawyers for the investigation; impaneled a Grand Jury from Trump hating D.C. They, not the Russians, are interferring with the election of Donald Trump.

Democrats wounded to the core with their poor decisions think Clinton couldn’t lose a national election which includes non-urban voters without help from Russia. Let’s review her campaign promises. She lauded open borders, refugee resettlement without vetting, and born-alive abortions. She proposed a 65% tax rate on estates that would impact small businesses and farms. She would have retained Obama’s heavy handed LGBTQ agenda, thus destroying Title VII and Title IX both of which benefit women. Trump campaigned on more security at the border, stronger economy with better jobs, patriotism (some nay sayers call that nationalism), he bragged on Americans--she called them deplorables--inviting more Americans to come back with a promise of fewer regulations, and a strong conservative for the Supreme Court.  No contest.   Spasiba. Спасибо.

This should be the investigation--The DNC and Awan. I had some time in the car yesterday when I went shopping in Sandusky and listened to Glenn Beck outline the last few years of the nefarious activities of Debbie Wasserman Schultz's (head of DNC in 2016) IT staffer.

Pakistani staff Imran Awan
  • who hired his family and friends to work with Democrats 
  • whose friends and wife fled the country as he was being investigated 
  • who invested in various DC area businesses through Congressional Federal credit Union,
  • who had numerous legal problems that should have had his security clearance pulled,
  • who accepted funding from middle eastern "investors" in his failed businesses,
  • who had access to the computers of numerous Democrats, who were paying him and his friends excessively high salaries,
  • who then destroyed evidence before being arrested trying to flee. 
 Also Awan was fired by DWS at the last minute before going down--she stuck with him through 6 months of investigation, during which he still had access. She's either the world's most trusting employer, or she's sleeping with her staff.  But the media is fixated on a non-existent Russia story. This is not about bank fraud, although there is that, but about a REAL threat to our security. He worked for Democrats for 13 years, and knew their secrets.  I watched ABC morning news today--not a peep about the real story, but plenty on Trump.

On this day in 1964, the bodies of 3 civil rights workers, Chaney, Schwerner, and Goodman, killed by the KKK in Mississippi were found. The KKK was the terrorist arm of the Democrat Party formed during the Reconstruction in the aftermath of the Civil War and revitalized during the Depression. But the Democrats continued to elect KKK members or former members like Robert Byrd, Hugo Black, etc. even well past the 1960s. None of the killers served more than 6 years.

The Republicans had been working for years on Civil Rights legislation, making slow progress. The deaths of these martyrs in June 1964 pushed President Johnson's legislation for the 1964 Civil Rights Act over the line, even without the support of many Democrats.

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