Monday, April 08, 2019

Are you Red Pilled?

Red Pill refers to the 1999 “The Matrix” when the main character chooses to take a pill that will wake him to reality no matter how painful. Former Democrats often refer to themselves as “red pilled”.

If you are  not red pilled you are getting your news almost exclusively from CNN, MSNBC, Twitter celebs, leftist memes on FB, and you read uncritically Vox, Daily Breast, WaPo, NYT or some form of academic drivel. You’ve accepted without question lies about Trump created from edited video and audio about Charlottesville and MS-13; you accept his jokes and humor as factual; you believe biology is fluid and gender a social construct; you fall for the SJW virtue signaling and AOC’s version of climate change which requires Socialism; you may even accept Open Borders and quote the Bible (except for that part about the Cross).

Come on—take the red pill—you’ll feel better when you heal. It only hurts your pride, and you may lose a few friends.

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