Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Cory Booker and reparations

I wonder if Cory Booker's reparations bill carries heavier tax penalties for Hispanic Americans since it is their ancestors who introduced slavery to the Americas in the 15th and 16th centuries. He appears to be about 95% European, so I suppose he'll get less as he tries to vote himself a raise? And since there are millions of African Americans whose families immigrated during the 20th century, will Booker propose a test--or will they have to pay more since their ancestors sold other Africans to the Europeans? Barack Obama has no ties at all to pre-Civil Rights era America.

Free blacks in the U.S. southern states owned slaves at a higher rate than whites, most of whom were too poor to own any property. Free blacks in the U.S. voted in the 1700s--they voted for the Constitution! But Democrats have traditionally put in place laws and regulations to hold blacks down or decrease their numbers, especially the Jim Crow laws and abortion clinics. About 40% of black pregnancies end with abortion. How about reparations from the DNC for that, Senator Booker?

Today, there is more world wide slavery than during the 18th century transatlantic slave trade--much of it still African. Children are forced to work in mines in Africa so Mr. Booker can have a cell phone. Perhaps the Senator should come up with a plan to free them instead of trying to undo the results of the Civil War which freed the slaves.


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