Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Democrats and Never Trumpers (usually Republicans)

Can you be specific about what makes Trump a racist, Nazi and homophobe? I follow the news very carefully and have seen nothing. Now, Jussie Smollett they’ve got on tape, plus witnesses that he paid them, and even so all the charges were dropped seemingly because some rock star did something more serious and was charged with less. When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was asked on a talk show what were his impeachable offenses, she just stammered and bluffed. Nothing.

President Trump called MS-13, a gang from El Salvador (although I think it was formed by LA illegal immigrants), “animals,” because of the rape and murder (animals probably don’t do that except for food), although I’ve never seen the evidence—that’s what the MSM said, and I do believe that. Trump has been called far worse by prominent figures on the left. Salvadoran police have been killed by the dozens in each of the past three years, most in attacks that investigators and experts blame on MS-13, an international street gang. At least nine officers were killed in the first month of this year.” (Washington Post, March 3, 2019)

Have you seen footage of the caravans on TV? Brown people? I’ve seen very few. Mexico is 60% white, and Central America a little less. The U.S. is 70% white, and Canada about 90%. And those “refugees” are very well dressed for a thousand mile walk and being supported by leftist non-profits in the U.S.

And what do you think about sanctuary cities being off-limits—that it’s “political” to send illegals there but not to small town America in order to turn red states blue?   Obama even bussed them to Columbus, Ohio. I think OSU students marched around the state house in joy. Oh, the Democrats are really raging when they find out illegals, including gang members, might be in their back yards instead of Texas, Arizona, or New Mexico. Do you think that’s political?

President Trump said there were good people on both sides of the destruction of statues of Civil War southerners in Charlottesville, and CNN cut and diced the video/audio that so it looked like he said the skin head protestors were good people. And perhaps you noticed, knocking down those statues didn’t satisfy the radicals—now they are going after Founding Fathers, and white men whose names are on universities—even going after Ben Carson, because he works for Trump

With only 2% of the population, Jews experience the highest rate of hate crime, and Ilhan Omar is ratcheting up the hate for Jews. Democrats are in hiding and not saying much.  She’s a Democrat. Trump’s daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren are Jews. If he’s an anti-Semite Nazi, he’s not very good at it.

Hate crimes haven’t gone up with Trump, except the hoaxes and the “resistance” knocking people down for wearing his slogan—the rate is actually lower than 2016 since more agencies are reporting than in 2016.

The president was in the entertainment field, so I seriously doubt he’s against gays, because they are very popular on TV and in movies and in the production and arts. It was Obama who pardoned the transgender guy who gave military secrets to the enemy.

Trump made a switch and is now pro-life (when he was a Democrat I suspect he was pro-choice), but I don’t think you all have made the switch to believing babies should be killed in the 9th month of pregnancy, even if Bernie says it’s rare (how many is the right number? 10? 100?).

Go see the movie “Unplanned” the story of Abby Johnson who was a Planned Parenthood staffer and knows what goes on.

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