Monday, April 22, 2019

Identity politics—guest blogger Patti

I didn't see this one by Patti York when it first appeared in November. . .and thought her analysis of identity politics and being treated like a victim was worth sharing. Her points may give you strength to resist the "poor little me" feeling for the hate and anger you experience. I wouldn't go so far to say I love any president, whether Ike, Reagan or Trump, but I do admire the way Trump energizes and sticks up for the people the two parties have ignored and marginalized—especially the low income, blue collar and minorities. From the WalkAway website (for people who have left the Democrat Party).

"Hello, the turning point for me began in 2007. I was a hard left democrat. I almost voted for Obama, but my gut told me not to vote at all, so I used all of 2009 to vet him as a president and was not at all impressed. During his presidency I witnessed that my party was really not my party at all anymore. They were completely immersed in identity politics. There was no place for me as a visible lesbian who cut her teeth on "questioning authority". Not once in the last twelve years has any democrat ever spoken to me as an American first. They always tried to appeal to my gender or sexual orientation and ignored the fact that I am an American with just as many constitutional rights as any other American. I live in the NYC metropolitan area and people like me are hated for not being good little obedient hard left victims. It's a good thing that I have a thick skin, it has served me well. I love President Trump. He is the quintessential political under dog who soundly defeated 16 talented, seasoned politicians in the primary, then went on to destroy the Clinton cartel in spectacular fashion. He's a street fighter with brass knuckles, that never apologizes for his honesty. We are living in legendary times, just to have witnessed this."

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