Sunday, April 14, 2019

Joe Biden doesn’t get it

But Janice Fiamengo does.  She has carefully looked at the Creepy Uncle Joe videos of his “inappropriate” behavior with women and girls, and sees nothing alarming.  She regrets that some conservatives are using this to go after him—or even some who want something other than a white male running for the DNC.

What she does announce is how Biden supported all the anti-male regulations, behaviors and law suits of the Obama era. For that she wants an apology from him. She knows the rage to condemn will keep expanding, no matter how innocent or how often the men apologize. It won’t end.  The Left eats its own.  All the publicity will only encourage women to accuse Biden.  It’s a set up.

His actions are far more serious than a nose bump or hair smelling.  He was on the feminist bandwagon early.  Co-author of Violence Against Women Act (excludes men from being victims, and has ruined many lives).  More than a billion dollars have been poured into Women’s organizations that accuse men; the single most disastrous piece of legislation in the U.S.

As vice president he was an advocate of strong arming men in colleges who were denied all basic U.S. rights for citizens.  He’s joined the anti-white male movement. He has suggested tearing down the legal system and rebuilding along feminist lines.

Janice wants an apology for creating male misery, not for innocent touching.

How did we get to this mess?  A little history.

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