Saturday, April 27, 2019

Michael Smith chats with a friend

“Paraphrasing a conversation I had today with a friend:

Me: "Let's do a little logic exercise to help you understand what I'm trying to say."

Friend: "OK."

Me: "Do you think if I called you a thief, you would be more likely or less likely to want to associate with me?"

Friend: "Probably less."

Me: "What if I called you a rapist?"

Friend: "Probably even less likely."

Me: "OK, what if I called you a pedophile?"

Friend: "Probably even less likely than the other two."

Me: "OK, so how likely do you think it would be for me to pay attention to people who don't know me and call me a racist, bigot and homophobe? Why would I have any reason to engage or listen to anything they say?"

Friend: "That's different."

Me: "How so?"

Friend: "Because even though you aren't any of those things, people you support are."

Me: "Who are they?"

Friend: "The Republicans in this state and Trump."

Me: "What evidence is their that they are any of those things?"

Friend: "Well, immigration, the Muslim ban and the Charlottesville white supremacist thing right off the top of my head."

Me: "OK, I know you won't agree but immigration is a matter of law, court decisions and Obama policy and I can show you the total transcript of what Trump said about the situation in Charlottesville, so let me address the Muslim "ban" that wasn't because it is the softest to address."

Friend: "OK."

Me: "OK, let's assume you work for the TSA in Salt Lake and there are 10 people in line in full burkas, covered head to toe. You get a call from the FBI stating that they know one of the 10 is a man wearing a suicide vest. You have no time, what would you do?"

Friend: "I'd get security to quarantine all of them until they could be searched."

Me: "Exactly - given the danger and the uncertainty, that is the most reasonable course of action. Good job. Guess what?"

Friend: "What?"

Me: You just outlined and validated the reasoning behind the travel ban that Trump enacted. The fact the countries were Muslim was coincidental, the purpose was to stop travel from countries that lacked proper vetting for travelers. It had nothing to do with Islam at all."

Friend: "But Trump said bad things about Muslims during the campaign..."

Me: "And those things were not the basis for the policy, that was a creation of your friends in the Democrat Party and their friends in the media because they thing ORANGEMANBAD is a valid reason for everything. It's the policy that matters, not what is said. Obama said you could keep your doctor but you couldn't, so that proves you can't judge a policy by what is said about it, only what the policy actually does."

Friend: "Well, I still don't like Trump."

Me: "But that doesn't make him a racist, bigot or homophobe. Your feelings about him are irrelevant unless you can back those feelings up with facts."

Friend: "Still don't like him."

Me: "You have that right - not asking you to like him, just to be fair. Talk tomorrow, got to run. I'll flip you the full transcript of Trump's Charlottesville remarks from the NYT and some of their reporting on Obama's 2004 immigration policies."

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