Sunday, September 12, 2021

Abortion, slavery and the Church

 Except maybe videos of actual legal abortions, you'll probably never see one— the dismemberment, little arms and legs in a basin, scalps being sold to labs, scissors in the brain, etc. Big Tech has decided those are too gruesome and violent. Also, I’m not Catholic, but the Roman Catholic church is a huge target, and if Protestants and Bible churches were smarter, they’d realize they are all being attacked. Child sex abuse is a case in point. More teachers abuse children as do more doctors, than Catholic priests. This was actually studied and published in the 90s. And I don’t mean numbers, because obviously teachers and doctors far outnumber priests and have more access. It’s rate. You might find something in the last section of the paper, but a priest will be on the front page. My blog today concerns the relationship between slavery, abortion and powerful political leaders.

From 1435 to 1890, we have numerous bulls and encyclicals from several popes written to many bishops and the whole Christian faithful condemning both slavery and the slave trade. And guess what? Many powerful and greedy Christians, including some religious orders, ignored the clear message of the church. They followed the ways of the world. Just as Biden and Pelosi are ignoring the clear teaching of the Church on the crime of abortion.

Abortion is treating the unborn, the weakest and most helpless among us, as less than human. Biden is doing that. Slavery has existed from the beginning of time/civilization where the strong had complete control over the weak, to use and abuse their bodies as they wished. The women for sex and men for labor. Sometimes the slavers became the enslaved when someone stronger came along--particularly in Africa--which not only enslaved their neighbors, but then sold them to Europeans and Asians (still do). John Newton who wrote "Amazing Grace" had been a slaver who ended up a slave. With abortion, that doesn't happen --the little body that ends up in the trash doesn't come back to do harm to her oppressors. Justice (and mercy) will wait for Jesus' return.” The Popes and Slavery: Setting the Record Straight | EWTN

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