Thursday, September 30, 2021

Why 80 million Americans like Trump

I posted this a year ago, and nothing has changed, except the man in the White House is a puppet and a bumbling fool who took us all down in August over Afghanistan. We have sunk so far since January.

"Some people are with Trump because he's the only president who has ever been strongly pro-life. (me)
Others support him because he's the only president who has come through with solid, constitutionalists for all the courts (plural).

Others support him because he won't steal their legally owned guns.

Others support him because they want their good health insurance back which Obama stole from them.
Others love that he has done what no others have been bold enough to do with Israel and her enemies that surround her.

Others realize he's right to call out identity politics, critical race theory and the racists on the Left. It's systemic Marxism.

Others like him because they didn't elect the administrative state (aka deep state) to run the country.

Others know he doesn't judge by skin color or ethnicity but looks at skill, character, and quality.

Others love that he isn't wasting our tax dollars on international agreements that never benefit the U.S.

Others like him because he pushes back on behalf of the little guy."

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