Monday, September 13, 2021

Censorship by Big Tech

I have moved this comment of mine from Facebook:

"Democrats and their media buddies continue to blame Republicans for hesitancy to get the jab. Yet they were the ones sowing seeds of doubt about it when Trump was president--not because of science, but because of hate and they wanted to defeat him in the election. 

Also there are two groups that are always featured in low vaccination rates--1) blacks, and 2) health care workers. Democrats love to depict Republicans as knuckle dragging idiots who don't understand science. So what does that say about how Democrats think about blacks and health care workers?"

So, Facebook follows that up with a warning or suggestion about how to find information on the virus or vaccine.

Whether I use Johns Hopkins, Cleveland Clinic, WHO or CDC data, the geniuses at FB use algorithms that flag, target and demote my posts and comments so few will see them. Big Tech in collusion with the Democrat party is denying us access to information.

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