Monday, September 27, 2021

Biden's record of disaster

Earlier this year, Twitter expelled President Trump from its platform, citing the danger that he would incite violence. As Kabul fell in mid-August, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid tweeted updates on the progress of his comrades. His account has been active without interruption since 2017. R. R. Reno, First Things, Oct. 2021.

This makes Twitter a supporter of the Taliban, and Biden a fascist. Fascism is a form of government which rules through private businesses to achieve socialist goals.

As the MSM get a bit squeamish wondering who is in charge, the real reporters like Lara Logan are taking the pulse of Afghanistan and noting the slaughter of minor tribes and an underground railroad to help those who Biden left behind that is quickly running out of food and water.
Bush made a terrible mistake thinking he could infuse democracy into a medieval state controlled by fundamentalist Muslim warring tribes. Obama made it worse by increasing the troops to 100,000. Trump ran on getting out, and we know from his love of country and his Christian values he would have never left Americans behind.
Then Biden jumps in, he creates a hasty exit, leaving a disaster not only for Americans, those Afghans who helped us, all the nations who worked with us, but also all those other vulnerable countries in the Middle East.

If there was ever a President who wanted to tear down the United States, its reputation and its values, it is Biden--or whoever is pulling the stings of the puppet government with his demented persona as spokesperson.

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