Tuesday, September 07, 2021

The Texas case

For you pro-choice Christians all huffy, weepy and hysterical about the Texas jury case involving abortion, how did you feel about the story of baby scalps grafted to the backs of rats, all with your tax money? Were you sickened? Did you say to self, "This is women's health?" Did you excuse those abortions as "for the good of all people this little girl gave her life?"

"In the fall of 2020, researchers at the University of Pittsburgh published a study titled, “Development of humanized mouse and rat models with full-thickness human skin and autologous immune cells.” In studying how organs reacted to pathogens or infections on human skin, researchers grafted “full-thickness human skin” as well as thymuses, livers, and spleens from fetuses onto rodent bodies, creating what they call “humanized rat models.”


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