Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Guest Blogger, Jeffrey Verasano

Covid is here on Earth to stay. The vaccine may have partially succeeded in reducing morbidity but it has failed at any dream of eradicating the virus like we eradicated smallpox. Delta is partially outside its reach, it doesn't last that long, jabbed people can still transmit, etc. Herd immunity was estimated to be 70% -80% with the alpha variant but with Delta, it's essentially 100%. We have nothing else in the pipeline that can resurrect the idea of herd immunity.

Herd immunity can be put aside as a strategy. It will not happen. 36% of Americans according to the CDC already had covid by May 31st 2021, so it's at least 40% today. All of the remaining ones will encounter the virus just like we all get colds and flu.

You can stop blaming your neighbor because you can get it from someone who is vaccinated and masked. You will get it and it doesn't matter who you get it from. Therefore lockdowns, masks and vaccine passports are essentially pointless. At best they delay the inevitable. And they do so at the price of creating social discord, depression, continued recession, and empowering power-hungry bureaucrats.
Focus on your own health, your weight, your immune strength, take whatever prophylactics you want such as vaccines, ivermectin, vitamin d, etc. These are all about of equal effectiveness. The vaccine is no more so than the others.

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