Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Questions of the day--leaked documents, medical forms that lie and half naked women

1) Is the whole leaked document scandal going away? No one gets fired, no one impeached? What they seem [DoD and Sec of State and Justice Dept] to report now is that they don't know how many are out there, or how they were "stolen." And will they never address that the government lied to the American people and our allies about everything? So, they've put a poor shmuck in prison, but won't address their own crimes?

2) I had a medical appointment today. Am I the only one disgusted with the forms we sign to get medical care these days? Here's my letter to the company, and I'm not giving names for obvious reasons (I need my doctor).
"Today I was handed a clip board with a form to check for accuracy and learned that WXYZ doesn’t know my biological sex even though I've been a client since 1996 (the year it organized). That box was filled in by your staff as “unknown.” There was no option for male/female. Maybe in California that transagenda/ gender fluid nonsense goes over, but not here in central Ohio where we know the science and know the damage done to children who submit to surgery, hormones and bad advice. We also know that in the U.S. about .01% of the citizens identify as transgender, so why are you forcing their delusion on the other 99.99%?"
3) Women's arms. At the TV news desk, the men are in suits and ties, the women have naked arms; on HGTV when men are in sensible work clothes tearing down walls and installing plumbing, the women have naked arms; in the beer ads when men are climbing mountains with arms covered by shirts, women's arms are naked. Why do these two, giggling-like teenagers, FBI agents kneeling at a BLM riot have naked arms? Is this sexy? To me, all these half naked women look like they aren't ready for prime time.

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