Sunday, April 16, 2023

Who is funding the transgender movement? Follow the money

Who Is Funding the Transgender Movement?

"I found exceedingly rich, white men with enormous cultural influence are funding the transgender lobby and various transgender organizations. These include but are not limited to Jennifer Pritzker (a male who identifies as transgender); George Soros; Martine Rothblatt (a male who identifies as transgender and transhumanist); Tim Gill (a gay man); Drummond Pike; Warren and Peter Buffett; Jon Stryker (a gay man); Mark Bonham (a gay man); and Ric Weiland (a deceased gay man whose philanthropy is still LGBT-oriented). Most of these billionaires fund the transgender lobby and organizations through their own organizations, including corporations."  (Jennifer Bilek) Who Are the Rich, White Men Institutionalizing Transgender Ideology? (  Billionaires funding Transgender movement for profit | The Standard SC

I recognize the Stryker name.  It was on all the beds and gurneys that supported our son during his struggle with glioblastoma. It's medical devices. Billions.   At the fitness center while Phil was still alive I met a man who worked for Stryker--he was in the operating room when he had the surgery.  Stryker family (  Many of the rich founders of the trans movement are gay men.  Don't know why. They are heavily invested in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. So, yes, money, but there must be more.  Is it self-hatred?  They were also big Obama supporters. So the movement, which came to light with the bathroom battles, goes back to that. Pritzker is on his third wife--all women, even after he came out as a very fat, large woman.

But Jon isn't the only Stryker supporting LGBTQ+ causes. The Billionaires Behind the LGBT Movement | Jennifer Bilek | First Things  His sisters are involved, too. Their foundation Arcus poisons the well for many organizations

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