Sunday, April 09, 2023

Sensible people who believe in truth need to take back our language

"The University of Florida has created a radical diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) bureaucracy that promotes racial and political preferences in faculty hiring, encourages white employees to engage with a twelve-step program called Racists Anonymous, and maintains racially segregated scholarship programs that violate federal civil rights law."

DEI Captures the University of Florida | City Journal (

DEI should be DIE.  These academic and corporate prison guards wish that on society.

People who run Soviet style reeducation camps should be labelled Identitarian Regressives.

Climate change could be Climate As Usual because it has always changed, and Ohio used to be covered by a glacier. Our Changing Continent (  Arizona where we visited last week used to be under water. In the beginning God. . .

I'm so tired of allowing Leftist radicals and mentally unstables to abscond with the language including defining biological sex. Gender needs to go back to the school rhetoric book where it belongs, and the all inclusive term hate speech should be completely reevaluated--words don't kill. 

If I ruled the world . . . 

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