Wednesday, April 12, 2023

The creeping fascism of the federal government

 1. Joe Biden is overstepping on EV. He's declared that to meet climate goals (which no one believes in) we'll all have to have EVs by 2032 (2/3 of new cars, which means no one else will be able to buy gas). He has sold us out to China. EPA proposes new tailpipe rules that could push EVs to make up two-thirds of new car sales in US by 2032 | CNN Politics

(A) We don't have the grid, 

(B) we don't have the necessary products to create the batteries, and 

(C) we don't have a way to dispose of this toxic material.   

Batteries Are The Next Environmental Challenge (

This is regressive, not progressive. It is more polluting than anything we have now. This is a gift to China, who's already eating our lunch in the economic field and a gift to the auto companies. They made out like gang busters during Obama's war on the poor, called "cash for clunkers." Unilaterally deciding on what products can be produced and by which companies by the government IS fascism.

2. Joe Biden has quietly stated that the pandemic is over. Of course, that's ridiculous. It was over a long time ago.
 (A) Many of the laws and mandates about what we are allowed to say on social media or who can keep their jobs or who is allowed to defend the country haven't been rescinded. 

(B) We have never had an apology or even an investigation of what the violation of voting laws at the local and state level during the pandemic did to the 2020 election. Do you really think they'll just forget the power they grabbed from the people, from the states? By not being allowed to discuss it--that IS fascism. 

(C) Our churches have been silenced and still won't discuss or sue about the legality of what was done to Christians, Jews and Muslims in the U.S. which has a constitution that makes what the federal government did to us ILLEGAL. Outlawing religion IS fascism. 
Churches Still Recovering From Pandemic Losses - Lifeway Research
3. Declaring that boys will be girls and forcing girls to accept it and saying otherwise is a crime even though trans are .11% of the population (government figures), and then sending #2 honcho off to Tennessee to whine with the 2 black Justins who rioted and committed an insurrection because they wanted to protest about guns instead of the murder of children, that IS fascism--out and out mind control by the government. VP Harris meets with 'Tennessee Three' in surprise visit to Nashville after expulsions over gun protests (

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