Monday, March 25, 2024

Harris puts her stamp of approval on abortion clinics

Donald Trump was the first president to offer full support for the unborn and the pro-life movement in January 2020. Kamala Harris was the first vice president to visit a death camp, aka, abortion clinic, in March 2024. To be a Democrat, you have to support abortion.

"All of us here today understand an eternal truth, every child is a precious and sacred gift from God. Together we must protect, cherish, and defend the dignity and the sanctity of every human life. When we see the image of a baby in the womb, we glimpse the majesty of God’s creation. When we hold a newborn in our arms, we know the endless love that each child brings to a family. When we watch a child grow, we see the splendor that radiates from each human soul. One life changes the world. From my family, and I can tell you I send love and I send great, great love. And from the first day in office, I’ve taken historic action to support America’s families and to protect the unborn." Donald Trump

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