Saturday, March 30, 2024

Joe Biden wants the rich to pay their "fair share"



Joe may be the biggest criminal to ever live in the White House, but he owns a bevy of tax accountants who will tell you the rich don't pay enough. He'll never have to pay taxes on the money Hunter gave him which came from China and Ukraine back when he was Vice President.  Read today's opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal. The U.S. Already Soaks the Rich - WSJ

"Taxing the rich is popular these days, in part because Republicans are now playing the same tax redistribution game as Democrats. The problem in Washington isn’t that the rich refuse to pay their “fair share,” whatever that means. The trouble is that with the notable exception for national defense, Mr. Biden’s progressive spending ambitions are limitless. Washington could confiscate the income of every billionaire in the country and still not finance what Democrats want to spend."

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